1 John 1

The Word of Life – 1 John 1:1-4

Notice that John begins the same way as his gospel.
The “that” is Jesus – the eternal Lord.
Saw – Heard – Handled.
Jesus was not a spirit but real flesh and blood.
He is the Living Word not a Gnostic Christ.
The Pre-existent Christ became flesh.
He is the only source of eternal life and truth.
Faith in His divinity is vital.
It is the true foundation for Christian fellowship.
We cannot have unity with those who doubt Him in any way.
John writes to increase our faith.
Eternal life only comes by accepting Christ as Saviour.
Eternal life is the result of believing the Bible.
Fullness of joy finds its source in Him also.
What does the world cry out for?:
They can only be found in Jesus.
We must have fellowship with Him – the Living Word.
Jesus is the answer.

What is True Fellowship? – 1 John 1:5-10

Light = similar to John’s gospel.
Teaching = No double standards with God.
There is no mixture or shadow with Him.
He does not overlook our personal acts of darkness.
Following the world proves us false.
Our relationship is with Him not the world.
It is based on the Redemption in Christ.
We follow the direction of His word.
Do you think you are OK?
Do you think you are morally sound?
Then you are probably still walking in darkness.
Self-deception is the worst darkness to be in.
We must recognise our sin.
We must confess our sin.
Only God can declare us righteous.
Dare we call God a liar?
If we think we are OK then we do not need Jesus.
Those who think they are OK do not follow the truth.
Sin keeps a person from following the truth.
Sin keeps us from a relationship with God.
Self-deception keeps us from a relationship with God.
True fellowship had only be found in Jesus Christ