1 John 2

Do we really know Jesus? – 1 John 2:1-6

Walking in constant fellowship keeps us from sin.
We have an Advocate if we do sin.
This advocacy is through His blood.
Note:- Advocate = Paraklete = Comfortor.
He is our propitiation = Mercy Seat.
He is the world’s propitiation too.
He is Advocate only too the saved.
Do we know Him? Really?
(1) Personal Relationship calls for obedience.
Keeping the commands of Christ.
(2) How can a person claim to be saved …
a. Personal relationship not maintained.
b. Person is wilfully disobedient.
c. Person loves the world but not Christ.
(3) Obedience proves our love for God.
It is possible to have perfection in this area (:5).
(4) Christlikeness.
This should be our aim.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit.
It is possible to be like Jesus.
Won’t you even try?

Evidence of God’s Love in us – 1 John 2:7-14

John brings this important commandment to our attention again.
New = expanding on what has been taught already.
Light replaced the darkness :8.
New life has replaced the old.
Hatred of brother = hypocrisy = darkness.
Love = light.
A heart free of malice, bitterness and hatred.
How can you be born again otherwise?
Note:- hate = darkness = blindness.
True believers follow Christ’s example.
They live in love and obedience.
Hated proves we do not really know God.
Must be evidence that we are born again.
Show that we really love God.
Not religious duties and observances.
Life in the Light / Love of God.
Experience it and share it.

Love Not The World – 1 John 2:15-17

The “world” means:-
a. The world itself / earthly things
b. Carnality
c. Worldliness
d. Everything this world has to offer
Those who have their hearts and minds set on the world cannot love God
Satan has corrupted the world
He uses it to keep people from God
What Satan uses:-
a. Desires of the flesh / bodily
b. Desires of the eyes / covetousness / greed
c. Pride of life / self-esteem
God does not uses these methods to win people
Therefore we know it must be of Satan
If we follow these we are under his control
Such things produce nothing eternal
They damn the soul
Eternal life can only be found in Jesus

The Antichrist Spirit – 1 John 2:18-29

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