1 John 5

Marks of the New Birth – 1 John 5:1-6

Faith in Christ is the Salvation Foundation.
No one gets saved except it be through being Born Again.
The proof of salvation is love for God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
But love for God and others is not absolute proof of salvation.
For even some unsaved people ‘love’ God and their fellow man.
Such love is only of value if their is obedience to God’s word.
Not one of God’s commands are too hard to put into practice.
Also we have the Holy Spirit to help us obey God.
The commands are only hard when we refuse to accept God’s way.
We have been given the victory over the flesh and temptation.
Or is it the over way around for us?
The victory is secured through faith in Jesus Christ.
Only Bible-believing Christians can be overcomers.
Water = The Baptism of Jesus [obedient to the Father’s will].
Blood = The Death of Jesus [obedient to the Father’s will].
Water [obedience] is seen at the beginning of His earthly ministry.
Blood [obedience] is seen at the close of His earthly ministry.
Jesus is our example for an obedient life.
The Holy Spirit inspires and enables us to believe and live the gospel.
He confirms that Christ is absolute truth.
The marks of the New Birth are FAITH and OBEDIENCE mixed with true Christian LOVE.

The Great Sin – 1 John 5:7-12

Why does John begin with a description of the Trinity?
The Godhead is the Ultimate witness of Absolute Truth.
The Godhead is in full agreement.
The Holy Spirit is the link between the witnesses in Heaven and the witnesses on earth.
Many today reject or abuse the doctrine of the Trinity.
They reject Christ’s divinity also.
Only believers have the witness of the Spirit.
Disbelievers are calling God a liar (a false witness).
This is “Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.”
See Matthew 12:31-32 & 1 John 5:17.
Those who do not accept what the Holy Spirit says in God’s word are not saved (Romans 8:9).
Salvation by religion =
1. Rejection of God / Christ / Spirit.
2. Rejection of Truth.
3. Calling God a liar.
Simply honouring God is not salvation.
Salvation = Believing the Divine Witness.
1. The Three Witnesses in Heaven.
2. The Three Witnesses on earth.
Ever wondered why new translations reject 1 John 5:7-8?
Now you know why?
Every one of them are calling God a liar.
Every one of them commit the Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
Rejection of the Trinity spells damnation.

A Reason for the Epistle – 1 John 5:13-17

John gives us material so that our faith can be increased
True faith results in eternal life.
Faith’s foundation = Jesus is the Son of God.
Faith is never inactive – it grows to greater heights.
John gives us material for answered prayer
We must ask inline with God’s will not our lusts.
We do not focus on the power of prayer but on Christ.
If He hears our prayer then He is omniscient.
If He is omniscient then he is God.
Prayer for backslidders
Give backslidders life?
Then it must be possible to turn away from salvation.
Pray that they will not overstep the mark.
Notice the word “brother” (:16).
All acts of unrighteousness is sin – even yours.
Only one sin shuts the door of salvation – blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
Sin always progresses downwards.
All sin is heading towards the ultimate sin.
True faith makes no excuse for sin.
True faith overcomes sin / unrighteousness.
Ask: “Is what I am doing right?”

Our Knowledge – 1 John 5:18-21

The regenerated are free from sin.
They are no longer in bondage to sin.
They no longer desire to live ungodly.
They actively keep themselves from sin.
Satan has lost all control over them.
John is saying, “Sin can be overcome.”
We no longer feel at home in this world.
We can no longer participate in wickedness.
Why did Jesus come to this world?
a. To give us spiritual understanding.
b. That we might know Him as Saviour.
c. That we might know we are in Christ.
d. That we should have everlasting life.
Being saved includes being free from sin and the world.
We must keep ourselves from evil.
All that is in the world is idolatry.
Idolatry = All that is placed before God.
Based on John’s First Epistle can you truly say you are saved?
Do you know it or not?