Counting the Cost

Why are Christians Hated

The Grace of God

From Grace to Disgrace

In the Beginning (part 1)

In the Beginning (part 2)

In the Beginning (part 3)

In the Beginning (part 4)

The Holiness of God

Where has the Joy gone

The Believer’s Refuge and Strength

The Prodigal Son’s Father

Take Courage

Spiritual Soundness

Redemption is Complete

What Do You Think?

Wisdom – the True and the False (part 1)

Wisdom – the True and the False (part 2)

Wisdom – the True and the False (part 3)

Wisdom – the True and the False (part 4)


The Sovereignty of God and Salvation

The Sin Syndrome

The Overrunning Cup

Prayer Partners

The Potter’s House

We are not yet perfect

The Christian Witness

Are You Dressed for a Wedding or a Funeral?

Our Right of Way

Comfort My People

Be Happy – Your Sins are Forgiven!

When Jesus Stood up to Speak

Personal Revival

Persevering under Pressure

The Time is Now!

What an Opportunity!

Caleb’s Confidence

A Harmonious Church

The Man who never Died

The Closing Prayer

Cleaning up our Lives

Return unto the Lord

Where to Make a Profit

The Appointment Nobody will Miss

Why Worry?