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What a Day of Rejoicing that will be!

The Ungodly Influence of Worldly Music

Important Truths from Noah

The Terrifying State of the Delusional Reprobate

The Mystery of God’s Will

Where are the Christians?

Selling Out

Delight Thyself in the Lord

The Purpose of an Exaggerated Parable

The Kiss of Forgiveness

That Darned Darnel

Dare to be Different

What if Jesus had not Died on the Cross?

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

The Incorruptible Seed

Secure in God’s Love

A Golden Opportunity

Numbering Our Days

Taking a Stand

Christian Fellowship

Sinless Anger

Tarrying by the Stuff

Jesus is at the Door!

Why the Mayan Calendar Prophecy is wrong

Racing to Win

Do We Believe?

The Accomplishing Word  

The Greatest Commandment
Adding Godliness

Rejecting the Lord

All Fired Up

Precious Faith

Sins of Omission 

The Question


The Six Days of Creation

The Unsound Theory of Theistic Evolution

Our Daily Devotions

God’s Waiting Room

Preparing for the Return of Christ

The Biblical Doctrine of the Freedom of the Will

Defective Disciples

The Second Great Commandment

The Throne Room of God (part 1)

The Throne Room of God (part 2)

The Throne Room of God (part 3)

The True Identity of Bethlehem’s Babe