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A Fresh Start

Why the Gospel?

Ignorance is not Bliss

His Face Still Shines

A Good Conscience

Bricks for Stone

The Meek are Getting Ready


Rejoice Not

Are You Full Yet?

Our Holy Calling

Resurrection Realities

Great Searchings of Heart

Two Important Questions

Two Wonderful Words

Put Away Evil

None Other

The Parable at a Party

Out on a Limb

The Gross Error of Replacement Theology

Turning to God

Preparing for Eternity

The Things I Hate

Purity of Heart and how it can be Maintained

The Need for Zeal

Fully Surrendered

Why Worry? (Part 1)

Why Worry? (Part 2)

Is Capital Punishment Evil?

Our Riches in Christ

Much to do about Nothing

Bring in the Builders

Defeating the Green-eyed Monster

God is Great

Faith is Believing

Laying Up Riches

Believers will be Leavers (Part 1)

Believers will be Leavers (Part 2)

Believers will be Leavers (Part 3)

Believers will be Leavers (Part 4)

Ripe for Judgement

Why do Christians get Baptised?

Life After Baptism

Baptism – Doing it the Bible Way

The Lord’s Supper

I Believe in Jesus

All’s Well That Ends Well

The Devotion of Joseph

They Missed Christmas