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God is not Shorthanded

The Exam

A Little Fire

How to Survive a Lion Attack

An All-Important Word

That’s Not Fair!

Beware of being Bewitched  

Walking With Christ

The Church with a Broken Tooth

Wholesome Speech

Rahab – From Harlot to Heroine

Two Vital Words (part 1)

Two Vital Words (part 2)

Two Vital Words (part 3)

A Time to Remember
It Pleased the Lord to Bruise Him
The Torn Veil
In a Few Words
Be Aware
What’s Wrong With Christianity Today?
Clothed with Christ
The Power of Pentecost

Jeremiah’s Message (part 1)
Jeremiah’s Message (part 2)

Clearing Out the Clutter

Chained, Changed and Claimed

Longsuffering by Tarquin Maylam (audio only)
The State of Joyful Living
Blessed Beyond Belief

Three Ways to Walk
Christian Maturity or Bust
What was Written?

Changing the Law of the Land
Do You really Love the Lord with all Your Heart?

Enriched by Christ
Divine Empowerment
Preach it like Paul

Born of and Filled with the Spirit
Genesis Again

It Is Enough!

The Sovereign of the Storm
God is Always on Time
Songs of the Spirit
Guarantees of Grace

Living the Cross-centred Life (part 1)
Living the Cross-centred Life (part 2)
Living the Cross-centred Life (part 3)

The Blessing of Christmas