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The Greatest Story Ever Told

A Better Covenant

Jesus is Coming Again

Are You Flapping Like a Chicken?

The Crown of Life

The Incorruptible Crown

The Crown of Rejoicing

The Crown of Righteousness

The Crown of Glory

Personal Transformation

No Condemnation (1)

No Condemnation (2)

The Price of Oil these Days!

Obtaining the Promise

The Lamp went Out

The Rest that Remains

Serving Others

The Valley of Baca

How to Know if Your are Lukewarm

Remain or Leave?

He sent His Word and Healed Them

You Shall Receive Power (1)

You Shall Receive Power (2)

We Serve a Risen Saviour

Don’t Cover Your Sin

God’s Immutability

A Solemn Summons

The Promised Tenth

The Grace Revolution Error

Give Glory to God

Seek the Old Paths

Demands of the Old Paths

Rejection of the Old Paths

Rewards of the Old Paths

The New Cart

Genesis 3:15

Wait on the Lord

Just Follow Jesus

Be Strong

The Baptist’s Question Mark

Formula for Success

Know to Grow


What Happened when Jesus Came?