A Sermon Outline of Jonah

I. Our God is Almighty

How dare we disobey Him! (1:3)

He is the Creator and Controller of nature (1:4,17, 2:10, 4:6-7)

He sees our backslidings.

Only a fool would say “No” to Him

II. God is not pleased with our lack of commitment

We can’t run from Him for long (Psalm 139:7-10)

He’ll raise a storm to stop us (1:4)

i.e. problems, trials, difficulties.

He also has a “whale” to stop us

i.e. guilt, despondency, heartache.

Resisting God is not worth it! (1 Corinthians 9:16)

III. God has given us the truth to share

His love is not just for a few (1:2)

His salvation message is for all (Whosoever, 2 Peter 3:9)

Why don’t we go?

a) We don’t love God enough?

b) We thing they don’t deserve salvation?

c) We think they cannot be saved?

d) We don’t love the lost enough?

God tells us to go (Matthew 28:19) but:

a) We stay at home.

b) We resist the call of God.

c) We are too concerned about ourselves.

d) We are not willing to die to the flesh.

Yes, we know that the Lord loves the lost (4:2)

Yes, we know He will save all who will repent (3:10)

We should delight in the preaching of God’s Word.

When sinners get saved it proves our God is God.

We should rejoice when they do come to the Lord (Luke 15:7)