An Outline of the Life of the Apostle Paul

1. Pre-Christian Life

Paul was born in Tarsus in modern day Turkey (of the Tribe of Benjamin) and trained to be a Pharisee under the guidance of Gamaliel. His trade was tentmaking. We meet him first in the book of Acts as a persecutor of Christians. Before his conversion to Christ he was called Saul.

Paul was in Jerusalem to witness the execution of Stephen.

2. Conversion to Christianity (37 AD) Acts 9:1-19

Damascus Road / Blinded for three days / Healed when Ananias visited him.

Spent three years in the deserts of Arabia Galatians 1:17

Preaches in Damascus Acts 9:20

Barnabas arrives to take Paul to Jerusalem. Acts 9:27

Paul’s first visit to Jerusalem (40 AD) Acts 9:26 / Galatians 1:18

Lived in Antioch for a time (42-44 AD) Acts 11:25-30

Second visit to Jerusalem (44 AD) Acts 11:30-12:25

3. 1st Missionary Journey (45-47 AD) Acts 13:2-14:26

Church sends out Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark

Seleucia to Cyprus Acts 13:4

Salamis – preaching in the synagogues Acts 13:5

Paphos – met with Sergius Paulus the governor of

Cyprus Acts 13:7

Opposition from Elymas the scorcerer Acts 13:8-11

Sergius Paulus converts to Christ Acts 13:12

Perga – John Mark leaves to go home Acts 13:13

Antioch (Pisidia) – preached in synagogues Acts 13:14

Ordered out of the city. Acts 13:50

Iconium – preached in synagogues Acts 14:1-2

Church planted

Jews rise up against Barnabas and Paul Acts 14:2

Miracles Acts 14:3

Lystra – Healed lame man Acts 14:10

People thought Paul and Barnabas were gods. Acts 14:11-17

Lois, Eunice and Timothy converted

Paul stoned and dragged out of the city. Acts 14:18-19

Paul returned to Lystra.

Derbe – Spent winter in Derbe Acts 14:20

Church planted

Returned to Antioch (Syria) via Lystra, Antioch, Seleucia, Attalia.

Third visit to Jerusalem Acts 15:2-30 / Galatians 2:1-10

4. 2nd Missionary Journey (49 AD) Acts 15:36-18:20

Spent winter in Antioch

Paul refused to take John Mark on this journey Acts 15:36-39

Barnabas does not go with Paul

Silas accompanies Paul Acts 15:40-41



Derbe Acts 16:1

Lystra – joined by Timothy Acts 16:2

Phrygia / Galatia Acts 16:6

The Holy Spirit forbids Paul to go into Asia Acts 16:7

Troas – received the vision and call to go to Macedonia Acts 16:9


Lydia converted Acts 16:11-15

Possessed girl delivered Acts 16:16-18

Paul and Silas beaten Acts 16:22

Prison / Earthquake / jailer saved Acts 16:25-34

Released from prison Acts 16:35-40

Amphipolis / Apollania Acts 17:1

Thessalonica – stayed with Jason Acts 17:1-9

Church planted

Paul, Silas, and Timothy leave at night Acts 17:10

Berea – many people accept Christ Acts 17:10-15

Athens – preached to Epicureans and Stoics on Mars Hill Acts 17:16-34

Corinth – Met with Aquila and Priscilla Acts 18:1

Crispus (chief ruler of synagogue) converted Acts 18:8

Spent one and half years in Corinth

Ephesus – accompanied by Aquila and Priscilla Acts 18:18

Caesarea / Jerusalem / Antioch Acts 18:22

5. 3rd Missionary Journey (53 AD) ) Acts 18:23-21:15

Ephesus – preached about the Holy Spirit Acts 19:110

Stayed in Ephesus for two years Acts 19:10

Miracles of healing and deliverance Acts 19:11-20

Riot caused by worshippers of Diana Acts 19:23 41

Sailed for Macedonia Acts 20:1

Philippi / Troas Acts 20:5

Raising of Eutychus Acts 20:7-12

Miletus (Matla) Acts 20:17

Cos / Rhodes / Patara Acts 21:1

Tyre – for seven days Acts 21:3-4

Ptolemais Acts 21:7

Caesarea / Meeting with Philip Acts 21:8-14

Arrest and imprisonment at Caesarea (58 AD) Acts 21:15-23:35

Bound in chains Acts 21:33

Declared that he was Roman Acts 21:39

Taken before the Sanhedrin Acts 22:30

Vision of Christ Acts 23:11

Plot to kill Paul Acts 23:12-22

Transferred to Caesarea Acts 23:22

Trial before Felix Acts 24:1

Trial before Festus (two years later) Acts 25:1

Appealed to Caesar Acts 25:10-11

Paul’s witness before King Agrippa Acts 26:1

6. Final Journey

Voyage to and arrival in Rome (59 AD) Acts 27:1-28:16

Sidon Acts 27:3

Myra Acts 27:5

Cnidus Acts 27:7

Fair Havens Acts 27:8

Shipwrecked off the coast of Malta Acts 27:27

Snake entwines itself around Paul’s hand Acts 28:3

Healing of Publius’ father Acts 28:7-10

Remained on Malta for three months Acts 28:11

Syracuse Acts 28:12

Rhegium Acts 28:13

Puteoli Acts 28:13

Arrived in Rome about 62 AD Acts 28:17

Given private room with prison guards Acts 28:23

Allowed some freedom for two years Acts 28:23-31

Timothy visited Paul

Wrote letters to the various churches

7. Final Years (tradition)

Released from prison (65 AD)

Made a trip to Ephesus

Arrested in Nicapolis

Martyrdom at Rome (67 AD?)