Beulah Land


(based on Isaiah 62:4)

In Beulah Land I’m going to dwell
And rest in my Saviour’s arms
I’ll walk by His side
And always abide
With Him in Beulah Land

    In Beulah Land what glories I’ll see
In Beulah Land what joys await me
I’m told in God’s word
That Christ has prepared
A place for me in Beulah Land

As life rushes by ‘til the day that I die
Or He gathers me up in His hand
I’m sure of one thing
Of this I will sing
I’m going to Beulah Land

The plans have been made, the price has been paid
I’m ready to go even now
But my hope and my prayer
Is together we’ll share
The beauties of Beulah Land

© Living Word Bible Church / GJH/ 2005