Daniel Chapter One

This story is given to inspire our faith.

    a) As a young man he wanted to be true to God.

    b) This faith supported him in latter years.

1. Daniel’s Faith as a young man (Dan. 1:1-2)

    a) He found himself a servant of Nebuchadnezzar at 15 years.

    b) The devil had lined up a subtle way to break his faith.

2. Daniel and his friends selected for special treatment (Dan. 1:3-7)

    a) These four were the “cream of the crop”.

    b) They were gifted with wisdom, knowledge.

    c) Would they compromise and take the special food?

    d) Nebuchadnezzar had given them all new names.

    e) How would have we reacted in their place?

3. A decision is made (Dan. 1:8a)

    a) They had a commitment with God.

    b) How few stand for God in the midst of worldliness!

    c) Compromise meant defiling themselves (see 1 Corinthians 10:20-22)

4. How they remained faithful to God (Dan. 1:8-15)

    a) They politely declined the food.

    b) God gave them the courage to stand up for their beliefs.

    c) They persisted to refuse despite the pressure.

    d) They knew that God’s way was best.

5. The results of such steadfastness (Dan.1:15-21)

    a) God blessed them in the sight of others.

    b) They became the best despite their lack of compromise.

    c) Daniel himself became a great man in Babylon (2:48).


In this chapter describes the faith of teenagers in the Babylonian Captivity.

    a) No matter how young you are you can make a commitment to God.

    b) Look to God for help in times trouble.

    c) He will bless steadfastness and faithfulness.

    d) May this story inspire us all to “purpose in our hearts” not to defile ourselves with the things of this world.