He made the ….


Praise the Lord for all He’s done
He is so good you see
The animals He made one by one
Just for you and me ….

He made the shark and the lark
And puppy dogs that bark
The ostrich and the kangaroo
He made the snail and the whale
The rabbit’s fluffy tail
The lizard and the monkey too.

He made the hen and the wren
And the fox in his den
The very fast racing horse
He made the tiger and the spider
Did anybody find her?
And the robin in her nest of course.

He made bats and cats
And worms and rats
The camel and the panda bear
He made stoats and goats
Sheep in woolly coats
And pigs without any fur.

He made bees and fleas
And jumping wallabies
The eagle that soars so high
He made seals and eels
Guinea-pigs that squeal
And the light in the firefly.

He made the gorilla and chinchilla
And the hairy caterpillar
The squirrel up in the tree
He made the emu and gnu
The stubborn donkey too
He made them all for me and you.

©GJH/Living Word Bible Church/January 2006