Jehovah Witnesses: Who Are They?

A Mind Controlling Cult?

A Multi-Billion Dollar Publishing Business?

“They prophecy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophecy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of naught, and the deceit of their heart” (Jeremiah 14:14).

The main difference between Jehovah Witness and “main line” Christian Church beliefs are big ones. These are over no less than the Trinity, the resurrection, and the divinity of Jesus.  Jehovah witnesses believe Jesus is the Son of God but not God, and that He did not always exist – but was himself a created being named Michael, the Archangel. Jehovah Witnesses also teach that Jesus never rose bodily from the dead, but that He did rise from the dead as a spiritual being. Jehovah Witnesses will not allow Jesus to be worshipped and they don’t believe there is a hell.

“And God said, Let us make man in our image..” (Genesis 1:26).

 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

The local congregation of Jehovah Witnesses most often seen in an neighbourhood is called a Kingdom Hall. The main governing Body of Jehovah Witnesses with “absolute power” is Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. This is called the Watchtower”. Their governing Body is lead by a president and a group of men known as “The Governing Body”. This group oversees every aspect of the organization including the material that is written for the periodicals and the study books. “The Watchtower” claim that they are an organization directed by God. Since 1931, the name for Jehovah Witnesses has been officially “The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society”. Some refer to it as just “the Society”. Their legal name is: the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

Rank and file Jehovah Witnesses are unaware that the “Watchtower” “boards” over the years have constantly changed their doctrines to suit their needs, including twisting biblical references out of context. Jehovah Witnesses have a history of false prophecies, including teachings that Armageddon and the subsequent end of the world would occur in 1914, 1918, 1925, and 1975. Most Jehovah Witnesses cannot see that their true point of authority is not the bible, but the ever-changing views of their Brooklyn-based Governing Body. The Word of God in the Bible does not change and a prophecy that does not come true is not of God’s doing. This history of false prophecies by “The Society” should have been enough for Jehovah Witness members to run–not walk away from these false teachings. Rank and file Jehovah Witnesses do not know they are being “spoon fed” only what the “Governing Body” allows them to “eat”. New Jehovah Witness “recruits” are not allowed to know the complete list of ordinances and organizational stipulations until they have dedicated their lives to service for the Society. “Recruits” and most Jehovah Witness members do not see the “secret” publication meant for Society leaders only. This is known as “Pay Attention” which outlines how to deal with offences and how to punish members. Its essence is to guide the exercise of and the maintenance of “power” for leaders within a Jehovah Witness Congregation. In testimonials below, ex-Jehovah Witnesses Tom Cabeen and Sandra Sharp discuss their experiences when they began to read the Bible instead of the society’s Watchtower publications.

The average person should be aware that a meeting with a Jehovah Witness on their doorstep can have future consequences. A record is kept of each individual with whom the Witnesses speaks, and the leaders in Brooklyn often order elders to call or visit specific individuals. In 1992 the average number of Witnesses involved in door-to-door preaching was 4,071,954. You can be visited any day of the week, because a Jehovah Witness does not have a Sabbath; they regard all days as holy.

The Jehovah Witness Movement was begun by Charles Taze Russell. Born in 1852, Russell founded the Zion’s Watch Tower in 1879 and later incorporated the group under the name “Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society” in 1884. Russell began his teachings shortly after wandering into a religious meeting where Jonas Wendell was teaching “Second Adventism” in 1870. Charles Russell subsequently began his own movement with his father and a small group of others after forming a small Bible study in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. His personal “message” began with his rejection of the Christian doctrine of Hell, and he later added many physical and spiritually dangerous doctrines of his own making. Ultimately, Russell rejected nearly every other Christian doctrine, and published his bizarre teachings in a 6-volume series under the name “Studies in the Scriptures”. Russell died in 1916 while travelling on a train in Texas. His successor, Joseph F. Rutherford began revising Russell’s doctrine.  In 1920, Rutherford began speaking to large crowds falsely telling them that millions of people then living would never die. Between 1921 and 1941, Rutherford wrote twenty books and numerous pamphlets, beginning with his first publication, known as “Harp of God”. 

Some Extremely False Jehovah Witness Teachings:

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, teaches that The Father is the supreme God whose real name is Jehovah. They say that Jesus has not always existed, but he was a created being who was originally named Michael, the Archangel.  Salvation is NOT by Works, monthly quota’s or peddling books:

Jehovah Witnesses teach Falsely that Salvation is by Works. The real teaching of the Bible as Christians know it is that salvation is ONLY via the Grace of Jesus Christ and NOT by works. If Jehovah Witnesses would only believe this single truth in their hearts they would be set free from their present bondage to this false man-made Watchtower organization. It is Satan’s system of monthly quota’s and door-to-door peddling of Watchtower Books. Anyone merely has to believe in their heart that Jesus Christ is the only begotten (not made/but from the Father) Son of God, one with the Father, who died for our sins and rose from the dead. Jesus is the Word of God, the Second person in the Trinity. One only has to sincerely go to Jesus and ask that He wash your sins in His blood, and you will be saved. Satan can no longer hold those sins up in front of you, because they are washed clean and you will be “reborn” and saved. Sincerity is the key and underlying principle. Do not do this if you are lukewarm. Pray to the Lord Jesus to heal your heart if you are unsure and lukewarm. Jehovah Witnesses are never ever sure of their salvation which itself is bondage to Satan. Reborn Christians are sure of their salvation. John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” and Colossians 2:8, 9 “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast”

Another extremely false Jehovah Witness Teaching:

Jesus never rose bodily from the dead according to Jehovah’s Witnesses. In “The Kingdom is at Hand” they explain, “At death he laid aside the human organism in which he ministered as a new creature for three and a half years; and in his resurrection he was no more human. They say; Jesus only rose spiritually, not bodily, from the dead. They teach that after the crucifixion, Christ died and was resurrected as an invisible, non-material, glorious spirit creature. Jehovah Witnesses also teach that the Holy Ghost is not a separate entity, but is a force: the method by which God interacts with the world.

This group also teaches the Heavenly Kingdom took effect in 1914 with the invisible enthronement of Christ as King. They preach it is currently occupied by a little flock or Anointed Class of about 135,400 people. All were selected after Christ’s ascension into heaven at Pentecost (33 A.D.) and during subsequent centuries according to them. Jehovah Witnesses say the selection of the full complement of 144,000 was completed in 1935. Some 8,600 are still living on earth. They will spend eternity with God and Christ as spirit creatures. The latter number increases slightly from time to time as anointed but unfaithful members are replaced. Witnesses say; Christ’s Second Coming was not a physical return to earth. It was an invisible event in 1914 in which Satan and Christ engaged in a heavenly battle. Afterwards, Christ began to rule the Heavenly Kingdom as King of Kings. Satan was expelled to Earth. They say World War I was a visible sign of Satan’s earthly demise and the beginning of the woes that would accompany the “last days of this system of things.”

MAN’S DESTINY: Jehovah Witness doctrine says that those people who are not members of the Watchtower organization will be destroyed by Jehovah God and cease to exist. But that if a faithful Jehovah Witness is not part of the 144,000 anointed ones they will live forever on earth in paradise. The 144,000 anointed ones will reign with Jehovah God in heaven. Jehovah Witnesses teach no concept of hell. Going door-to-door will help determine a person’s fate according to the latest Jehovah Witness doctrine. Bible Probe Comment: Christians know this to be a false doctrine, because salvation is dependent solely on a person’s relationship with Jesus the Christ. One cannot buy or “peddle” their way to eternal life.


This is done once a year at the Memorial of Christ’s death. Only the approximately 8600 living Jehovah’s Witnesses who are part of the 144,000 Anointed Class actually partake in the meal. The general membership (formerly called the Jonadab Class and now called the Great Crowd) are present and observe.


According to the Witnesses, Salvation requires that one must accept doctrines as interpreted by the Governing Body from the Bible to be saved. To be saved they must also be baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness and follow the program of works as laid out by the Jehovah Witness Governing Body.


The shunning or harassment of former Jehovah’s Witnesses by active members of the sect is behaviour that is mandated by the governing body of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ church. Shunning has been known to cause sever emotional distress to estranged Witnesses, occasionally even leading to their suicides. Suspected of apostasy, many very sincere and well-respected Jehovah Witnesses have been “disfellowshipped” in “kangaroo court” judicial proceedings with little or no advanced warning. In September 1981 the governing body changed the rules so that suddenly, Witnesses were to stop greeting practically all disfellowshipped persons, not even saying ‘hello’ to them. And for the first time family members were to cut any and all unnecessary ties with relatives who were disfellowshipped. Although husbands and wives had to continue rendering marriage dues to disfellowshipped mates and parents were to provide for minor children, except in cases of extreme illness or emergency, disfellowshipped family members were to be shunned.

Year 1889: Jehovah’s Witness founder Charles T. Russell falsely prophesised:

“…the final end of the kingdoms of this world, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, will be accomplished at the end of A.D. 1914.”

Year 1910: Jehovah’s Witnesses are told not to read the Bible by itself, because it is not the final authority. In modern days they encourage Bible study through use of Watch Tower publications as guides and their own version of the Bible.

Year 1938: Jehovah Witnesses are told that because the end is so near, they are to wait until after Armageddon to “marry and rear children”. (see: Watchtower, November 1, 1938)

Year 1966: The Watchtower predicts, “According to this trustworthy Bible chronology six thousand years from man’s creation will end in 1975”.

Did you know that the Jehovah Witness founder Charles T. Russell was well into Astrology and Egyptology and pyramidology, and it was later printed in a Watchtower Magazine (June 15, 1922) that he had wrote: “When Uranus and Jupiter meet in the humane sign of Aquarius in 1914, the long promised era will have made a fair start in the work of setting man free to work out his own salvation, and will insure the ultimate realization of dreams and ideals of all poets and sages in history”

Did you know that Charles T. Russell’s book “The divine plan of the ages” shows Russell was a Freemason and used all the Logo’s on his publications for years. The cross and crown being one of these and the spread wings with the sun dial in the centre was used on most of his early books. Even the terms later used by the Watchtower organization such as “Golden age” and “Millennium dawn” were associated with the occult and magic movements, and did not have any foundation in the Bible as they would lead you to believe. When Charles T. Russell died in 1916 he was buried with a marker a few feet away from his tomb sculptured as a large pyramid five to six feet high, with the Mason logo embossed on it and remains to this day for all to see.

Did you know that Jehovah Witnesses believed for about 50 years of their history that the great pyramid of Giza, in Egypt was the second witness for God after the Bible? (see hints of it in their book “Jehovah’s Witnesses proclaimers of God’s Kingdom” p. 200).

Did you know that Jehovah Witnesses falsely prophesised that the old men of God (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc.) would rise from the Dead in 1925?

Did you know that Jehovah Witnesses are not encouraged to socialize outside their religious circle and they are discouraged from developing interests outside their community. For example, they are advised not to seek a higher education, or to pursue private pastimes such as hobbies.

Did you know that Jehovah Witnesses cannot accept blood transfusions and cannot sing national anthems.