John 10

The Good Shepherd – John 10:1-21

As well as being the Good Shepherd Jesus is the Only Door.

He is the door that the sheep must enter through.

Many claimed to be the door (:8).

They achieved only disaster and disruption.

No eternal life through any other door.

Man wants to climb into the Kingdom some other way.

Everyone must come through the door.

There is also a door in our hearts.

The thief climbs through the window (eyes).

This is the spectacle of false religion and false prophets.

Why must we come through the door?

So that we can enjoy a personal relationship with Christ.

A thief does not come for this reason.

Jesus died to protect the door of our hearts from Satan.

There are two doors.

a) Jesus is the door to Heaven (John 14:6).

b) There is a door in our hearts (Revelation 3).

Who are we letting through our door?

The Good Shepherd or the thief?

Jesus will not come in any other way, but a thief will.

The true sheep follow Jesus because they have allowed Him into their lives.

The Feast of Dedication – John 10:22-42

Hannukah / The Feast of Lights.

Jesus is the true Light of the World.

The Jews wanted Him to declare His Messiahship at this time.

His miracles revealed who He was.

Why did they still reject Him? (:26).

True followers hear, know and trust Him.

True followers have eternal life.

True followers are protected by Him.

True followers accept Jesus’ divinity.

The unsaved reject Jesus’ claims.

They call believers crazy and bigots (:37).

Why? Because they need something to pin their unbelief on.

Religious people always have a hard time accepting Jesus.

They want a Jesus who does not call them to repentance.

They want a Jesus who does not shine His light on their sin.

Those with just a glimmer of light see the truth (:41-42).

The way we live proves if we have this light in us.