John 12

The Anointing of Jesus – John 12:1-11

Mary brought expensive ointment.
Judas objected.
Why? He was a thief.
Did Judas have his own father in mind? (Matthew 26:6).
Judas decided to betray Jesus.
Jesus reprimanded Judas and the other disciples (Matthew 26:8).
Anointing usually took place after death!
Christianity looses sight of Jesus when it exaggerates social work.
Providing for the poor is not our main goal.
Charitable work is not Christianity.
This is where the Salvation Army have missed Jesus (:8).
How many charities have simply been a cover for corruption?
We like Mary must anoint Jesus:
a) With our devotion – whatever the cost.
b) Giving all to Him – yes, even our riches.
c) Being unashamed – do not worry what others think of your commitment.
d) Do not count the cost of following Christ.

The Triumphant Entry – John 12:12-19

Great crowds attended the feast of Passover.

Jesus was greeted in Messianic fashion.

They had a feeling that prophecy was being fulfilled.

Was He the One or at least a hopeful candidate?

Psalm 118:25-26.  Zechariah 9:9.

He came not on a stallion, but on a beast of burden.

The disciples  did not understand this because they were too excited.

Afterwards they understood.

Those who proclaimed His Messiahship did not really believe.

They enjoyed seeing the miracles!

How do we receive our King?

    a) With praise – because we hope He is Lord?

    b) With praise – because we are caught up with the excitement?

    c) With praise – because we know Him as Lord and Saviour?

Sir, We would see Jesus – John 12:20-36

These Greeks wanted to see Jesus.

They did not want Peter, Mary, Miracles, or the Religious Leaders.

Only Jesus would do.

Other things could had distracted them:

    Crowds, Singing, Excitement, and the Market.

How few really wanted to see the real Jesus that day.

How few want to know the real Jesus today.

The Greeks wanted to ‘esteem’ Him.

Jesus appeared to ignore their plea – but did He?

Everyone would know the real Jesus when  …

    a) He was glorified (:23).

    b) When men lay down their lives (:25).

    c) When men serve Him (:26).

    d) When the world acknowledges what He did on the Cross (:32).

    e) When we walk according to the Light (:35-36).

Only then can we say that we have seen Jesus.

Many did see Jesus with the physical eye …

Few saw the real Jesus that day.

Are we really “Looking unto Jesus”?

If not, where are we looking?

How to Believe – John 12:37-50

What keeps people from believing in Jesus?

    a) Hard hearts.

    b) Deaf ears.

    c) More concerned with the physical.

    d) They do not acknowledge Jesus (:32).

    e) Fear (:42-43).

How many think believing in God is enough!

Disbelieving Jesus is atheism.

If do not see His Light we are in darkness.

What gives us the right to say we are saved?

    a) We desire to walk in the Light.

    b) We hear and believe the Word.

    c) We act upon what we know to be true.

Eternal Life or Eternal Damnation? …..

It depends on what we do with God’s revealed word.

Rejecters refuse to follow Jesus.

Those who receive the truth are automatically saved.

Salvation depends on how we believe in Jesus.