John 13

The Upper Room – Chapter 13

This is the last Passover of Jesus’ ministry.

Satan now set in motion his scheme via Judas.

Satan also puts rebellion in Peter’s heart.

No true follower can rebel against the Lord (:8).

Peter then goes to the other extreme (:9).

This is the way with religion.

Religionists follow extremes rather than Jesus.

Followers follow Jesus’ example (:14).

Not the foot-washing … the humility and meekness.

A blessing comes to true followers (:17).

You can be washed but not clean (:18).

Judas was following Satan.

Judas was fulfilling prophecy (Psalm 41:9).

Those who follow Jesus win souls.

They teach others to be followers too.

False followers betray the Lord.

True followers follow Him to Heaven (:36).

Exaggerated faith lacks understanding (:37).

False faith fails in trials.

Follow Jesus not world, religion or self.