John 21

The Final Miracle – John 21:1-14

We know that Jesus must have done great things during the final 40 days.
Seven disciples – where were the others?
This repeat miracle was to strengthen their faith.
They had wasted the whole night foe nothing.
God knows where the fish are to be found.
They realised that it was Jesus.
Jesus had already prepared breakfast.
Reminder of The Feeding of 5000.
Their fish important too! (:10).
We must work alongside Jesus.
Jesus may stretch us but He will never break us.
The Gospel Net is still able to save.
Whose “food” would you like to feed on?
If it is the world’s – it will all come to nothing.
If it is the Lord’s – then there is eternal blessing.
Things are always done right with Jesus with us.

The Final Words – John 21:15-25

Basically Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me because you feel you ought to?”
Jesus wanted real love not the religious kind.
a) Peter was called to be a pastor not a pope.
b) Lead lambs to maturity.
c) Commissioned to feed the sheep.
Peter learned by 3s.
a) Three denials.
b) Three feeding of sheep.
c) The Sheets (Acts 10).
Each three dealt with Peter’s attitude.
Peter’s crucifixion – but He must still follow Jesus.
Get your eyes off others.
Notice how falsehood and traditions spread? (:23).
Tradition = exaggerations.
Notice the “we” in verse 24.
The Gospel is confirmed Truth.
All we need is contained in Scripture.
The Bible is absolute truth.