John 4

The Woman at the Well (John 4:1-45)

The Samaritans were outcasts.

Jesus was not a racist.

The woman came alone – at midday.

She was an adulteress.

She was surprised.

Jesus offered her Living Water.

She applied the words on an earthly level.

The well of eternal life satisfies the soul.

Drinking from this well makes us fit for Heaven.

Sin kept her from understanding this spiritual truth.

But confession opened her spiritual mind.

1st. She saw Jesus as a prophet – which religion?

2nd. She saw Jesus as Messiah – whose Messiah?

3rd. She saw Him as the only way – she became an evangelist.

She forgot about her past (so did God!)

She became courageous in her faith.

God’s harvest includes all people.

Many believed through her testimony.

Self-righteous people don’t believe (:44).

Sin keeps us from fully experiencing God.

He can use us as He did the woman.

Are you willing to receive the Water of Life?