John 9

The Healing of a Blind Man – John 9:1-41

The man was in the place where God planned him to be.
Spittle and clay = Jesus the Creator (remember Adam’s creation?)
Jesus created a new pair of eyes.
But the man had to obey Jesus (:7)
Everyone wondered at this marvellous miracle.
What did the Pharisees think? (:13)
They saw Jesus as a great deceiver.
The healed man saw Him as a great prophet.
The religious leaders would damn the man’s soul (:24).
He kept his new faith even under extreme pressure.
Why? He knew what had happened to him.
He knew he was the first man ever to be healed of blindness.
He knew more about God than did the religious leaders.
They swore at him.
They excommunicated him.
But Jesus found him and took him in.
He accepted Jesus as the Messiah (:38).
Those who reject Jesus are spiritually blind.
Evil blinds the hearts of even so-called religious folk.
Notice they did not bother the man when he was blind!
He became a living testimony of the power of Jesus.
A living testimony always defeats false religion.