Mark’s Gospel



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The Messiah and His Messenger (1:1-8)

The Master and His Men (1.9-20)

The Redeemer and His Remedy (1:21-34)

The Preacher and His Prayers (1:35-39)

The Lord and the Leper (1:40-45)

The Great Physician and the Paralytic (2:1-12)

The Bridegroom and the Bottles (2:13-22)

The Saviour and the Sabbath (2:22-28)

The Wonderful Healer and the Withered Hand (3:1-12)

The Anointed and the Appointed (3:13-21)

The Unique Saviour and the Unpardonable Sin (3:22-30)

The King and His Kinsfolk (3:31-35)

The Saviour and the Sower (4:1-20)

The True Light and the Trusty Lamp (4:21-25)

The Husbandman and the Harvest (4:26-29)

The Mighty Saviour and the Mustard Seed (4:30-34)

God’s Son and the Great Storm (4:35-41)

The Deliverer and the Demoniac [part 1] (5:1-17)

The Deliverer and the Demoniac [part 2] (5:18-20)

The Sovereign Lord and the Sick Lady (5:25-34)

The Living God and the Little Girl (5:21-24, 35-43)

The Ultimate Prophet and the Unbelieving People (6:1-6)

The Head and His Heralds (6:7-13)

Jesus Misunderstood and John’s Martyrdom (6:14-29)

Christ’s Love and the Christian’s Leisure (6:30-34)

The Marvellous Saviour and the Miraculous Supply (6:35-46)

The Mighty Saviour and the Midnight Storm (6:47-56)

The Righteous Lord and the Religious Leaders (7:1-13)

The Holy Messiah and the Heart of Man (7:14-23)

The Saviour and the Syrophenician (7:24-30)

The Lord and the Loosed Tongue (7:31-37)

The Saviour’s Love and the Seven Loaves (8:1-13)

The Lord of all Power and the Leaven of the Pharisees (8:14-21)

The Blessed Master and the Blind Man (8:22-26)

The Messiah’s Cross Foretold and the Marvellous Confession of Faith (8:27-33)

The Saviour’s Doctrine of Self-denial (8:34-38)

The Masters Teaching on the Mount of Transfiguration (9:1-13)

The Powerful Lord and the Possessed Lad (9:14-29)

The Loving Christ and the Little Child (9:30-37)

The Saviour and Sectarianism (9:38-50)

The Master and Marriage (10:1-12)

The Benevolent Christ and the Blessed Children (10:13-16)

The Royal Master and the Rich Man (10:17-27)

Christ’s Promise and the Cross Predicted (10:28-34)

Christ’s Love and Christ-likeness (10:35-45)

The Beloved Christ and Bartimaeus’ Condition (10:46-52)

Jesus enters Jerusalem (11:1-11)

Jesus Christ and the Jewish Church (11:12-19)

The Beloved and the Believer (11:20-26)

The Pre-eminent Christ and Priestly Callousness (11:27-33)

Jesus’ Narration and the Jewish Nation (12:1-12)

Christ and Caesar (12:13-17)

The Redeemer and the Resurrection (12:18-27)

Christ and the Commandments (12:28-34)

The Wonderful Messiah and the Widow’s Mites (12:35-44)

The Prophet and His Prophecy (13:1-8)

The Saviour’s Admonition concerning His Second Advent (13:9-13)

The Lord’s Treatise on the Last Tribulation (13:14-27)

The Expected Christ and His Unexpected Coming (13:28-37)

The Saviour and the Spikenard (14:1-9)

Jesus and Judas (14:10-16)

The Lord’s Sacrifice and the Last Supper (14:17-25)

The Smitten Shepherd and the Scattered Sheep (14:26-31)

The Agony of the Saviour and the Apathy of His Servants (14:32-42)

The King and the Kiss (14:43-52)

Christ unjustly Condemned (14:53-65)

The Beloved and the Backslider (14:66-72)

The Prince of Peace and Pontius Pilate (15:1-15)

Christ Crucified (15:16-32)

The Messiah’s Death and the Mysterious Darkness (15:33-38)

The Lord’s Burial and the Large Boulder (15:39-49)

The Risen Saviour and the Rolled Stone (16:1-8)

The Anointed and His Appearances (16:9-14)

The Ascension of Christ and the Apostles’ Commission (16:15-20)