Pointers for a Productive Church

1 Peter 4:17.

A. Powerful Church Acts 2:38-43

These people feared God.

They knew what salvation meant.

God’s power was amongst them.

The same gospel must be preached today.

We need the power of God.

Power that will bring souls to salvation.

B. Practical Church Acts 2:44-45

They did not follow Hollywood preachers.

They had real love and concern for each other.

We preach love – do we really understand what it means?

C. Personal Church Acts 2:46-47

They walked in holiness not fairy tale land.

Revival does not proceed from ritualism or formalism.

Normal Christianity is revival.

D. Praising Church Acts 2:47

They knew how to worship God.

Their focus was correct.

Do we have such passion for Christ today?