Preaching Wesley



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Wesley’s standard forty-four sermons are largely unknown by Christians today. All that most know about John Wesley is that he was the founder of the Methodist Church. But he also left behind a wealth of spiritual insight in his sermons. To remedy this situation, Gary J. Hall here preaches Wesley’s sermons to the church of the 21st Century. This will not be a word for word recital of Wesley’s sermons, instead the major themes of each sermon will be delivered by applying their central thoughts and where necessary making use of present day illustrations. It is our desire to see these used by likeminded ministers of the Gospel in preaching or Bible study groups.

1   Salvation by Faith
2  The Almost Christian
3   Awake, Thou that Sleepest
4   Scriptural Christianity
5   Justification by Faith
6   Righteousness by Faith
7   The Way to the Kingdom
8   The First-fruits of the Spirit
9   The Spirit of Bandage and Adoption
10  The Witness of The Spirit
11  The Witness of our own spirit
12  The Means of Grace
13  The Circumcision of the Heart
14  The Marks of the New Birth
15  The Great Privilege of those that are Born of God
16  The Sermon on the Mount 1
17  The Sermon on the Mount 2
18  The Sermon on the Mount 3
19  The Sermon on the Mount 4
20  The Sermon on the Mount 5
21  Sermon on the Mount 6
22  The Sermon on the Mount 7
23  Sermon on the Mount 8
24  Sermon on the Mount 9
25  Sermon on the Mount 10
26  Sermon on the Mount 11
27  Sermon on the Mount 12
28  Sermon on the Mount 13
29  The Origin, Nature, Properties, and Use of the Law
30  The Law Established Through Faith 1
31  The Law Established Through Faith 2
32  The Nature of Enthusiasm
33  A Caution Against Bigotry
34  Catholic Spirit
35  Christian Perfection
36  Wandering Thoughts
37  Satan’s Devices
38  Original Sin
39  The New Birth
40  The Wilderness State
41  Heaviness Through Manifold Temptations
42  Self-Denial
43  The Cure of Evil-Speaking
44  The Use of Money