Psalm 119



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Aleph – The Blessed Word

Beth – The Cleansing Word

Gimel – The Discerning Word

Daleth – The Reviving Word

He – The Powerful Word

Vau – Victorious Word

Zain – The Comforting Word

Cheth – The Preserving Word

Teth – The Priceless Word

Jod – The Instructing Word

Caph – The Sustaining Word

Lamed – The Eternal Word

Mem – The Wise Word

Nun – The Illuminating Word

Samech – The Judicial Word

Ain – The Delivering Word

Pe – The Guiding Word

Tzaddi – The Righteous Word

Koph – The Strengthening Word

Resh – The Quickening Word

Schin – the Awesome Word

Tau – The Conquering Word