Rend the Heavens

(Isaiah 64:1-12)

Come O Lord and rend the heavens,
Make Thy presence known.
The mountains melt before Thy glory,
Thine enemies bow down.
From the beginning it’s not been told,
No mortal ear has heard.
The eye of him that waits on Thee,
Sees not what You’ve prepared.

The ones that walk in righteousness,
You met, their hearts rejoiced.
Those who walk in all Thy ways,
Endure, and shall be saved.
Like filthy rags our righteousness,
Unclean because we’ve sinned.
We fade away like fallen leaves,
As driven by the wind.

There’s not to call upon Thy name,
Stirred up to hold on Thee.
Thy face is hid, we are consumed,
For our iniquity.
O God, our Father, we are but clay,
Help us in faith to stand.
O Heavenly Potter fashion us,
The work of Thine own hand.

Forgive us Lord, and be not wroth,
Do not afflict us sore.
As we repent, pour out Thy peace,
Revive Thy church once more.

© GJH/Living Word Bible Church/September 2005