Revelation 17 Notes

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The Judgement of Religious Babylon -Revelation 17:1-7

John more in-depth information regarding Babylon.

Religious Babylon is Antichrist’s spiritual arm.

She is called “The Great Whore”.

The prostitute church = RC Church.

Idolatry, paganism, and false teachings.

She rules over nations with her influence.

International statesmen admire and seek Rome.

Politics and Religion have always used each other.

John sees the Great Whore riding the beast.

Catholicism will be the official religion of Europe.

She will ride upon the power of the EU.

She will control the hearts and minds of the masses.

She is full of heretical doctrines and practices.

All with her are drunk with love for her.

Her clothing is the colours of priestcraft.

She is decked with untold riches.

Her chalice (Mass) is an abomination.

She has a threefold title:-

    1. Mystery … Babylonian mystery cults.

    2. Babylon the Great … This highlights her true nature.

    3. Mother of Harlots … Anglicanism, Ecumenism and others.

She has the blood of God’s people on her lips.

Can we ignore history on this level?

    1. Babylon has always been the enemy of truth.

    2. Rome murdered millions of believers since 3rd. century AD.

Did this information cause John to turn from her?

Why are so many attracted to Rome today?

Like John they admire her outward beauty.

Only a Heaven-sent revelation can remedy this fatal attraction.

The Power of Religious Babylon – Revelation 17:7-18

The angel opens John’s mind to the true nature of the woman.

All false religion is based on ‘mystery’.

RC Church places her mysteries above Scripture.

She will be Antichrist’s religious arm.

When Church and State unite atrocities always follow.

The power of Catholicism is Satan.

She will finally elect the devil incarnate.

Antichrist will be her final authority.

The world will be amazed at the Reunification of Europe.

Seven hills of Rome are merely a coinsadence.

Instead the “mountains” are five previous empires:

    a) Egypt

    b) Assyria

    c) Babylon

    d) Medo-Persia

    e) Greek

Rome was the power in John’s day.

The final one is a revised Roman Empire.

Notice all were based on mystery religion.

The Beast will establish his own empire.

He is destined to the Lake of Fire.

The ten regions of EU will give everything to Antichrist.

The armies of Europe will attack Christ.

They will be destroyed by the power of His word.

Rome has enjoyed power over Europe until now.

Antichrist will soon have no need of her.

He will relocate the religious centre at literal Babylon in Iraq.

She will be stripped and destroyed.

This is God’s will – how He abhors her!

The Great City can be no other than Rome.