Revelation 4 Notes

Please refer to the accompanying study to make full use of these notes.

The Vision of the Throne of God – 4:1-11

1. Open door in the sky (portal/gate) leading to third Heaven.
The windows of Heaven were opened for John!
The trumpet voice commanded him to ascend into God’s presence.
This trumpet reminds us of the Rapture of the Church.
About to receive further information about the future.
John sees things regarding the Great Tribulation, Second Coming, Millennium, and Eternity.

2. Transported instantly before the throne.
Sees the Lord of Glory seated on the throne as did Isaiah.
He didn’t see a dead relative, but the Sovereign God.

3. The figure was too glorious in beauty to fully express.
The green gemstone colour speaks of God’s eternal glory.
Jasper was in Aaron’s breastplate and is in the walls of New Jerusalem.
Sardine (sardius) stone is a ruby red gemstone.
The green rainbow is reference to the eternity of God also.
Speaks of judgement, grace and mercy.
It also suggests that His promises can be relied upon.
John simply saw the glory of God (Psalm 104:2).

4. The twenty-four elders are real men rather than symbolic.
These represent the twelve patriarchs and the twelve apostles.
Their clothes and crowns represent imputed righteousness and salvation.
See Revelation 1:6; 2 Peter 2:9.
Twenty-four courses of priests in Temple (1 Chronicles 24:3-5).

5. The Trinity speaks from the throne.
The seven spirits are the angels over the seven churches.
Possibly the seven New Testament titles for the Holy Spirit (see commentary).

6. The sea of glass (Exodus 24:9-10).
Scripture uses such imagery to speak of masses of people.
This sea is not restless but peaceful and calm.
The four living creatures (cherubim or seraphim).
Eyes all around their heads – see in every direction at once.
Watcher of Daniel 4:13?
Cherubim seem to be guards in God’s presence (see commentary).

7. Lion = mighty and powerful.
Calf = faithful and obedient.
Man = intelligent and rational.
Eagle = swift and clear sighted.
Some suggest they represent the four gospel writers.
Why can’t they simply be angelic beings?
Ezekiel had a similar vision of the glories of Heaven.

8-9  They had six wings (Ezekiel 1; Isaiah 6:1-5).
These creatures offer everlasting prise to God.
Holy, holy, holy same as Isaiah 6:3.
God is Almighty and Eternal (Deuteronomy 33:27; Psalm 90:2; 1 Timothy 1:7, 6:16).
Their song consists of praising God for His eternal nature.
Amazing things seen and heard.
Refocus attention on the One on the Throne.

10. The twenty-four elders also glorify God through song.
They cast their crowns before the Lord.
This is a sign of their submission.
Their righteousness and salvation comes from Him anyway.
Everything we have comes from God (Psalm 95:6).
We will stand before Christ’s Throne (Romans 14:8-10).
We should submit to Him now (Romans 12:1).

11. They know that the glory belongs to God.
They know that He created and sustains all things.
Believe the twenty-four elders rather that Charles Darwin.
Why did He great all things?
For His good will and pleasure.