The Book of Revelation



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Welcome to our study guide. You have the choice of using the study guide or the sermon notes. The guide and the notes compliment each other. You will find a link to the sermon notes at the top of each study. The aim of these studies is a little different than most discussions on the Book of Revelation in that, while we will study it in light of current events, it is also profitable to gain spiritual understanding from its teaching. Little of the prophetic facts applied to the early church, yet it was still written to them to encourage and edify. We are approaching this series from a PreTribulational perspective, which we believe is the only interpretation that stays true to Scripture.

The complete study with cross references included, in PDF format, can be downloaded by clicking the following image, or individual chapters are available in PDF at the bottom of each study.

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This study was revised and updated in 2017.

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