The God Who Answers By Fire

1 Kings 18

These are the elements of a mighty move of God.

Promise:- Showers of Blessing (:1).

Human Effort:- Ahab and Obadiah (:2-16).

There was a false peace in Israel.

So Elijah was seen as the Troubler (:17-20).

He called to choose between Baal and Jehovah (:21).

The true God answers by fire!

Imagine if the faith teachers were there that day:

Kenneth Copeland would say, God answer by Finances.

Benny Hinn would say: God answers by Fame.

Rodney Howard Brown would say, God answers by Feelings.

Gerald Coates would say, God answers by gold Fillings.

The true man of God said, God answers by Fire (:24).

The altar needed repairing (:30).

The Fire Fell (:38).

The Floods came (:41).

We need the fire and water of the Holy Spirit for revival today.

When the Fire burns up all our sin, then the showers of blessing will come.