The Nature of Biblical Sanctification



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Chapter 1: Models of Sanctification
The Wesleyan Model of Sanctification
The Reformed Model of Sanctification
The Charismatic Model of Sanctification
The Mystic Model of Sanctification

Chapter 2: The Meaning of Sanctification
The Need
The Purpose
Twofold Application
Other Scriptural words relating to Sanctification

Chapter 3: The Motivation for Sanctification
Familiar Concept
The Call of God
Our Union with God
According to our will
Immediate Sanctification
Eternal Fellowship with God

Chapter 4: The Means of Sanctification
Its Source
By the Word of God
Through the Blood of Christ
By Co-operating with God
By yielding to the influence of the Holy Spirit
By Chastisement
Consequences of remaining unsanctified

Chapter 5: The Manner of Biblical Sanctification
The timing of Sanctification
Sanctification is not the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Delivered from the Penalty of Sin
Delivered from the Power of Sin
Delivered from the Presence of Sin

Chapter 6: The Merits of Sanctification
Perfection through Christ
The Fruit of Holiness
God’s Presence
We shall see Him
We shall stand before Him unblameable

Chapter 7: Maintaining Sanctification
What is our Response?
The Believer’s position in Christ
Daily Maintenance

Chapter 8: Ministerial Sanctification
Purity of Leadership
Biblical Standards of Conduct
Being an Example
The Lack of Ministerial Sanctification

Chapter 9: A Memorial Account of Personal and National Sanctification
The Temple Cleansed
The Church needs it
What should be done?