Here are some of the tracts we have created or adapted for evangelism. There are three black and white tracts to a single A4 sheet of paper. We have included both cut and fold lines for ease of use. Please make use of them as you wish. Click the titles to view the PDF files (right click will give you the option of downloading).

2017-07-12 21.32.05 Christ Jesus Came into the World to Save Sinners

2017-07-12 21.32.21 God’s Plan For You

2017-07-12 21.32.40 The Only Way

96787B0A-FA8A-4743-AA77-97ACE7493E56What’s The Time?

DB472907-2A96-4F58-9D72-5D123C5B36CEEternal Life

smallest tract The  World’s Smallest Tract (?). You’ll need a QR Reader to read this one.