Upon the Roof

For many long years I lay in bed,
But one fine day I got it into my head.
I’m going to see Jesus ‘cause I know,
He has the power to make me whole.

So I called four friends who knew my plight,
Carried me out in broad daylight.
It may be a song, but it’s the truth,
They lifted me upon the roof.

This was the plan of my four mates,
Make a big hole by removing the slates.
Then lower me down by a strong cord,
‘Til I came to rest at the feet of the Lord.

Well you can imagine in the room below,
Dust starts to fall just like snow.
The people cried out, “What a disgrace!”
But there was a smile on Jesus’ face.

And when my bed came to the ground,
There wasn’t a murmur or a sound.
The Lord turned to me, I heard Him say,
“Son, I’ve taken your sins away.”

The scribes all shouted, “What baloney!”
“Who forgives sins but God only?”
Jesus rebuked them for their foolish talk,
Said unto me, “Rise up and walk.”

© Living Word Bible Church 2008