Who’ll follow Jesus?


[sung to “Waltzing Matilda”]

There once were some fishermen
Casting nets into the sea
A long time ago on Lake Galilee
Then along came the Saviour
And called out to the fishermen
“Just lay down your nets and come follow me.”

Who’ll follow Jesus? Who’ll follow Jesus?
Who’ll come and follow Jesus with me?
For He died on the cross
to save us all from sin and shame
So who’ll come and follow Jesus with me?

There once was a tax man sitting in the market place
Collecting the money, one, two, three
Then along came the Saviour
and this is what He said to him
“Just lay down your money and come follow me.”

There once was a small man sitting high up in a tree
The crowd was so large he just couldn’t see
Then along came the Saviour
and calling to the little man
“Zacchaeus come down and come follow me.”

Jesus is calling, calling out to you and me
“Believe in my word and you shall be free.
So if you really want to journey to the Glory Land
Just lay down your life and come follow me.”

Words: © GJH/Living Word Bible Church/July 2007