About Us


Hello and welcome to Living Word Bible Church website.

Living Word Bible Church is a small independent Christian Church. 

We would be classed as ‘old-time Pentecostal’ and our outlook is certainly evangelical in nature.

Please check here for dates we are not open


We do not have our own building but hire a room in St. Cleopas (CofE) for our Sunday evening service.
– The Church is situated on the main road with space for a few cars. There is a large carpark at the rear.

Wheelchairs – The Church is fully wheelchair accessible on ground level.
Toilets – There are two wheelchair accessible toilets.

We are associated with The Fellowship of Evangelists and Ministers (FEM), please see our page about FEM for more details.

We hold to all the fundamental doctrines of the faith as revealed in the Holy Bible. A copy of our statement of faith can be found by going to WE BELIEVE.

Our ministry is involved with various national and international outreaches. Over the last few decades we have been going to Albania with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you would like any further details about our work and ministry, then please feel free to contact us.



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